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Terms and Conditions

The Tidy Guy T&C’s

We would like to state our terms of business to ensure that you receive the best possible service that can be offered.

Confidentiality & Privacy

The Tidy Guy provides a professional, confidential and non-judgemental service.  We are registered with the ICO – Information Commissioners Office – as well as follow all guidelines set out within GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations.  In addition, we abide by the APDO Code of Ethics* which are set out below.

I may request to take before and after photos or potentially request a client testimonial to be used for marketing purposes, no materials will be used without your explicit consent.


The Tidy Guy holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £1 million.

We will not be liable for any losses or breakages during our work, these must be claimed through the client’s household insurance

Ownership & Consent

You must be authorised to make decisions on the items that we are working with as to whether they are kept or disposed of.  If there are any items owned by any other parties their consent must be given before any decisions are made.

We will not dispose of any of your belongings without your explicit consent.  The responsibility for that decision rests with the Client and The Tidy Guy is in no way liable.

Removal of items

The Tidy Guy does not currently hold a waste carriers license, so we are unable to dispose of unwanted items.  We are however happy to make suggestions on how to dispose of the items and if agreed can make a charity shop delivery for a flat rate of £15. 

Cancellations, Delays & Access

We do understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, if you need to cancel or reschedule then we require 48 hours’ notice in which case we will then be able to organise a refund or reschedule.  Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be invoiced at 50%.

We reserve the right to charge £50 if we arrive for the appointment and you are not available or if access to the agreed working area is not possible.

Payment & rates

The consultation fee is to be paid in advance of the consultation session and will then be credited from your first invoice should you proceed to book us for a session.

Deposit – We require a payment of 50% in advance of the session payable by bank transfer on receipt of invoice.

Invoices – Invoices are payable upon receipt.

Health & Safety

The Client has a duty of care to ensure that the premises and area that we are due to work in are safe and to disclose any relevant information in advance of the session.  Should evidence of infestation be discovered during the session than we will stop the session immediately until professional pest control have dealt with the matter.

There is a limit to the size and weight of items that we will be able to move.  If additional assistance is needed to move particularly large or heavy items, then this will be something that the client will need to organise with other parties.

Limits of work

We are happy to assist in light cleaning of the specific areas which we are working on but please do understand that we do not offer a cleaning service.


For sessions of 4 hours or more a 30-minute break will need to be taken. 

Services & Suppliers

We are happy to make recommendations for the use of additional services, for example, cleaners and handymen, and can help to arrange these services. However, we will not be held liable if their performances fall below an acceptable standard, nor for any loss or damage caused by any such supplier.


All advice is given in good faith.  Whilst we will always give what we believe to be helpful advice, we cannot accept any liability for the actions of the client. 

We do not offer qualified valuations concerning your possessions however we will be able to offer our opinion based on our own experience.

Environmental Policy

At the Tidy Guy we believe in re-purposing wherever possible, in a world where there is so much waste it is important to us that ‘things’ are used – if not by us then by someone else.

*APDO Code of Ethics

All APDO members agree to abide by this Code of Ethics.

APDO is not a regulatory body; we do offer a complaints procedure but the maximum sanction the Board can impose for proven breaches of this Code of Ethics is to suspend membership.


I will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, except in very exceptional and specific circumstances where I am obliged by law to disclose such information.

Irrespective of who instructs me or pays for my services, I will always maintain the confidentiality of my client i.e., the person with whom I am working and who is receiving the benefit of my services and professional help.

I will provide clear and honest information about my professional qualifications and expertise and will accurately represent those qualifications in any verbal and/or written communications and in any promotional materials.

I will only undertake work within the areas of my expertise, abilities and competence. When appropriate, I will invite clients to seek other forms of professional help.

I will communicate in advance all terms and conditions to clients, including fees, expenses, likely methods of working and cancellation policies.

I will disclose to client’s information regarding existing or potential commercial gains for me personally from recommending specific goods or services.


I will behave towards other APDO members in a fair, equitable and professional manner always.

I will deal openly and respectfully with any area of conflict, and endeavour to reach agreement over any such areas in a responsible and courteous manner.

I will respect the intellectual property rights (themes and content) of others and will not use proprietary information in any form or media without permission, nor will I plagiarise the works of others.


I will strive for excellence in all aspects of my work within the organising profession.

I will promote my services in ways that are legal, decent, honest, transparent and fair.

I will seek to maintain and improve my skills and expertise through relevant continuing professional development, learning and training.

I will represent the organising profession fairly and accurately, consulting when appropriate with the APDO Board. I will not claim to represent the views of APDO unless expressly requested to do so by the Board and authorised in writing.

In dealings with clients, colleagues and community, I will respect diversity and equality relating to race, religion, sexuality, gender, age, culture, disability or socio-economic status and will not discriminate against anyone based on any of these factors.