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Asking questions is the first step to change.


The sessions will last anywhere from 3 hours upwards depending on the amount of work and your goals.  Every client is different, taking into consideration the amount of items they have collected and the area we are focusing on, that is why the consultation is a key part of our service.  I will always work together at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Physically you don’t need to prepare anything – Its important that you don’t try to tidy up in preparation for my visit, as I need to see the areas to be worked on as they are.  Please do not for one moment worry that you will be judged in anyway about the current state of your home or office.  I realise that you have taken the first step towards improving the situation and know how difficult that can be.

It is extremely helpful for the consultation that you be as open minded as you can be, and that you have discussed with others sharing the space that we are meeting and having an initial consultation.

My service is 100% confidential and non-judgmental. I am also bound by a code of ethics which means that we will not disclose any of your information to anyone else.  I am here to help and support you.

I will certainly hoover and wipe down areas where clutter previously lived before reorganising that area.  If you do happen to need a cleaner, I will be happy to recommend a supplier who would be able to help you.

This is a very common question and you need not worry – the answer is no.  You will never be made to get rid of anything that you choose to keep.  We will discuss each item so that we can rationalise your thinking in order for you to come to a decision.  Our aim is to assist you in leaving behind those unimportant things so that all that remains are things that you truly love and need.  Part of my job is to help you decide.

During the process of decluttering things will normally fall into one of several categories:

Things you want to keep, things you want to sell, things you want to donate to charity and things you want to recycle. I believe in re-purposing wherever possible, in a world where there is so much waste it is important to me that “things” are used – if not by us then by someone else.

As we go through the process of decluttering, making decisions and organising I will pass on as much knowledge and as many tips as possible.  As part of the service I aim to educate you in order to give you the tools you need to remain clutter free.  Once you see the finished area, this will help you to stay motivated to keep it in the same state going forwards.  However, if at any point in the future you feel you do need my help again then you know where to find me.

It is essential that you are present and that we work together through the process.  You need to be the person ultimately making the decisions on what to do with your things, I will of course assist you in doing this.  Also by being present whilst I organise your new space you will understand and start to build the skills that will help you stay clutter free in the future.

If you need to cancel or reschedule I require 48 hours notice in which case, I will then be able to organise a refund or reschedule.  Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice will be billed at 50%.  See full terms and conditions for more details.

Pets are not a problem here at the Tidy Guy all I ask is that they are not in the room or area that is being worked on.

I am based in Dartford and cover the following areas: Kent, London, Greater London, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey & Middlesex.  For requests outside of these areas please contact us.

I will take away suitable items and deliver to a charity shop.  This will be charged at a flat rate of £15.

Absolutely, just like any other space the little ones can benefit from having a calm organised area.  It is vital that if we are working with anybody else’s belongings that they are aware to avoid any conflict.  As a rule, I would never discard of somebody’s possessions without their strict approval.  Nobody wants a frustrated little person in their house, or teenager for that matter.

I would suggest passing on my details to the person in question as my service relies on cooperation with the client and its important that they take the first step to book their own consultation.  I look forward to speaking to anyone who needs my help.

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