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Hi I’m Paul, the man behind The Tidy Guy.

I am fortunate to have a natural passion and skill for organising and seeing logic where others struggle. In previous roles I have applied this to the business world as both a business owner and Managing Director of successful businesses and now with The Tidy Guy I apply this to helping others in their lives. I realised that decluttering and organising my own personal and work spaces always gave me a huge sense of satisfaction, increased efficiency and gave me an overall feeling of calm and that is what I can help you to achieve.


Living with clutter around you can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. By taking the first steps to remove this clutter and organise your surroundings you are taking action to reduce your stress and introduce calmness into your environment. I know life is busy, I have a young family that means life is always on the go! And sometimes our belongings build up around us (without us really knowing how), and before we realise this has happened it becomes a daunting task to try and sort through all the ‘things’ we now own. – This is where I can help.